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Stephen Hudson, LCSW, SEP


Stephen has experienced first-hand religious abuse and trauma from Christian organizations and institutions from early childhood. During his 20s and 30s, Stephen attended ex-gay ministry support groups, participated in sexual re-orientation programs, and engaged in reparative therapy counseling.  He eventually rejected these anti-gay movements and separated himself from fundamentalism theology. Stephen started attending a Metropolitan Community Church in 2003 and sought understanding of the original Scripture references on homosexuality in the Bible.  He now attends a gay-affirming non-denominational Christian church. 

Stephen earned his Master of Social Work degree in 2016 and became licensed as a Clinical Social Worker in 2018.   He is a certified EMDR clinician and Somatic Experiencing Practitioner.  He is currently living with his life partner and working for a Community Mental Health Clinic as a mental health/addictions clinician.  

Stephen has a genuine passion to help others who have been harmed by the ex-gay movement and religious abuse and trauma. He has a part-time practice to help those impacted.  Check out his website at

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