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About our ministry

“Unbroken” is an adjective meaning not broken or damaged or disturbed.

Many people grew up hearing that homosexuals were deviants, evil-doers, sinners; that their sexual orientation was unnatural. This message caused some people to develop internalized homophobia, a feeling of guilt and shame about their sexual orientation. We were told we needed to be fixed and we believed this message.  We voluntarily subjected ourselves to support groups to change our sexual orientation.  We endured aversion, conversion and reparative therapies to change our psyche. We entrusted Christian Fundamentalist Churches to offer us salvation and deliverance from our sexual orientation to bring us back into right relationship with Jesus Christ. 


Here at Unbroken Ministries, we want you to understand your sexual orientation was never broken.  God created you in His image.

 The few Scripture references regarding homosexuality have been taken out of the biblical historical context and misinterpreted by modern fundamentalism and changes in cultural norms.  

Unbroken Ministries emerged out of a pursuit to unite and support those impacted by religious oppression, ex-gay movement, and harmful therapies to change sexual orientation.  

We see the value in everyone: no matter their sex, race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, and gender identity. 

We want to be a catalyst for positive change to eradicate stigma by offering education, resources, support systems, and therapy services. 

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